Creative writing workshop

Yuriy Serebriansky – alumnus of Olga Markova’s “Musaget” Foundation creative writing workshop from the nineties. In 2008 her students founded the Almaty Open Literary School (AOLS).

Since 2008 Serebriansky’s workshop alumni have been longlisted for several Russian-language prizes. Oral Arukenova’s book “Pravila neftyanki” was awarded by Altyn Kalam Kazakhstani book prize.

Since 2008 Serebriansky’s workshop alumnies lonlisted in several russian prizes. Oral Arukenova’s book «Pravila neftyanki» awarded by Altyn Kalam kazahstani book prize.

Serebriansky’s creative writing workshop held in summer 2018 in UIB univercity.

In 2018 Serebriansky, together with translator Anton Platonov, taught a creative writing and literary translation workshop in Almaty supported by the US Mission in Kazakhstan and Chevron. American writers, Christopher Merkner and Christopher Merrill (director of the International Writing Program at The University of Iowa), also participated the translation and teaching workshop.

In 2019 Serebriansky taught a creative writing workshop and global literature seminar at the University of Iowa IWP international program “Between the lines” to student writers from 17 countries. 

In 2020 taught a creative writing workshop at the University of Iowa IWP international program “Word and Movement” to student from Kazakhstan. 

«I remember how I was waiting for the first class with you. And I also remember how the lesson surpassed the expectations, even thought they were initially so extremely high. And every time I write a new story, firstly I evaluate if it’s worth showing someone. And if so, you are the first person who reads it.
Thanks Yuri for the classes and support. And thanks for your art. You’re not only a great artist, but also an awesome teacher».

Nane Vardanyan, student, author.